Employee Database Manager





Software Features

Main Menu

When the Employee Database Manager (EDM) is open, the program offers six menu items (File, Company, Communications, Tools, Reports and Help). In the upper right-hand corner, the Tasks and Shortcuts form will list tasks you have assigned and icons (or shortcuts) that perform the more common procedures. As you can see, the program has been designed to have the look and feel of other popular products. COBRA Solutions designs its products in this format because most users can easily operate the program without opening the manual.

If you have multiple users needing access to the program, the Tasks list will state the task as well as who assigned it. The user enters a date the task is to be completed. If it is not completed by that date, the system changes the color of the task to red, emphasizing the importance of its completion. 

The program automatically backs up the database upon the first user’s entry into the program. If a problem arises, the Administrator may correct the problem by using the Restore feature – insuring the safety of the data.

Employee File

Employee information is held in a twelve-tabbed file which provides quick and easy access to all employee information. The file’s tabs have been divided up into the following sections:

  • General Information
  • Hiring Information
  • Dependents
  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Time-Off
  • Education Background
  • Union/Other
  • Emergency Information
  • Communications
  • Termination
  • Notes


Employee information is stored in three Access databases which are password protected. COBRA Solutions does not release this password to any clients. If desired, software users may be entered into the system and required to enter a “password” for verification. Once in, there are four levels of users (an Administrator and levels 2 through 4). Users with level 3 or 4 status will only have access to certain information (which is established by the Administrator).

HIPAA is a federal law protecting employee information. Users of the software should be aware of the importance of security with the data entered into the system. To further enhance security, your IT Department may want to store the data on a server and only allow access (or permissions) to the folder housing the information.

Company Information

Not only is employee information entered into the system but company information plays a vital role in the software. The company form saves information on the focal point of Human Resources, the divisions, payroll schedules, required documents, equal opportunity categories, employment status, time off from work notations, employment specialties/job requirements and a place to enter notes.

Since the user may edit the information in the company form, employee fields may be changed to track information that is important to your company.


The Human Resource Department provides vital communications to employees. Some are required by law, others to keep employees up-to-date on the goals of the organization. The Employee Database Manager maximizes the use of both written and e-mailed forms of communication.

Documents may be personalized with the mail merge feature and with the use of the mailing labels procedure; they are ready to be mailed quickly and easily. Not only are they easily produce, the exact document is saved to the employee’s digital filing cabinet. If two years down the road you need to produce the document (to prove it was sent), you can review the employee’s file and print the document that was sent.

The software has a method for creating e-mails to be distributed to all employees (or groups that you create). The e-mails may also use the mail merge feature (which personalizes them) as well as including attachments. As with documents, e-mails are saved in the digital filing cabinet which will document that it was sent. Undeliverable e-mails will be returned to your standard e-mail program, notifying you to change the employee’s e-mail address in the software.

Creative, Versatile, Powerful and Safe

The Employee Database Manager is your Human Resource solution.