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COBRA Companion

COBRA Companion is the perfect complement to our COBRA Administration Manager software. This product was designed for our customers administering COBRA for multiple companies looking for a more efficient way to enter COBRA data to improve productivity and increase the capacity to handle more clients.

COBRA Companion is a web-based application that allows the 'Employer' to log onto our secure website and enter and track COBRA events. Once the 'Employer' enters the information, COBRA Companion will import the information directly into the COBRA Administration Manager software. The system will then prompt you to print the notifications from the 'Things-To-Do-List.'

COBRA Companion can:

  • Reduce the risk of data input error by downloading the exact information supplied by the employer
  • Streamline your process to increase productivity with a quick ‘paper less’ input of data
  • Drastically Reduce Data input costs- By simply importing the data there is no wasted time re-keying in the information sent.
  • Produce several useful reports, allowing the employer to have access to data used to track COBRA
  • Eliminate missing information – the employer must enter all relevant information or it won’t be sent

The end result is an application that expertly handles the integration of a web based delivery system that will ensure notifications are sent out in a timely fashion. This is an extremely productive process that can save both time and money for Brokers and TPA's who can now offer their clients a website to enter their COBRA information.

The cost of COBRA Companion is structured so that you pay only for the groups that are using the web application, which make it cost effective for a single company with multiple locations or Third-Party-Administrator.

Account Setup Fee: $50.00
Annual Fee: $129.00 (Prorated the first year.)
Cost per/group annually:
(Only applies to the groups utilizing COBRA Companion)
($12.50 per/quarter)


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