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Standard Version Overview

The COBRA Administration Manager was created in 1991 as the solution to the increased responsibility that employers were experiencing administrating COBRA. Today, 21 years later with over 13,000 customers, COBRA Administration Manager has become the industries #1 selling COBRA Administration Program. The program organizes the timely sequence of events and reports into one integrated system with an automated, cost effective, easy to use solution that will provide “peace of mind” knowing your organization is in compliance with Federal COBRA Law and protected from the ongoing increase in COBRA litigations.

  • Software creates all required notifications and documents all COBRA related events
  • Software is updated to maintain your compliance with Federal Law
  • COBRA Solutions will be your reference for all COBRA related questions
  • One small mistake could cost your firm $100,000 in penalties and lawsuit


Remember COBRA is not an option…. it is the law. If you have 20 or more employees, it is a Federal Law that you Administrate COBRA………. Is your business compliant?