Marketplace Notice Manager




Software Features

Easy-to-use interface

The program utilizes menu items as well as icon/pictures to perform tasks.

Marketplace Notice Manager - Menu
Easy to use navigation


Things-to-do list

The software tracks requirements over time and informs the user of items that need to be performed.

Marketplace Notice Manager - Things-To-Do List
Stay on task

Import Employee Information

The software provides a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template that may be used to import employee information.

Single or Multi-User

Although it will only take one individual to produce notices, the system may be placed on a network for multiple users.

Software Security

The user may set up password protection for each user to gain access to the program. The system provides three levels of users, limiting some to the ability to review only.

Employee information

The system will display a folder of employee information detailing general information, insurance plans, dependents, Medicare, Things-to-do list, notes specific to the employee. Lastly, there is a digital filing cabinet that not only saves the documents produced by the software; it also allows the user to place any other important document in it for save storage.

Marketplace Notice Manager - Employee Data
At a glance

Insurance Plan Information

The Marketplace Notice Manager will save information and rates on your medical, dental, vision, Rx, EAP, HRA, FSA and life insurance plans. It maintains the rates throughout the years in the event the user requires previous year’s information.

Built-in Text Editor

The software includes a built-in text editor which produces (and personalizes) they notifications. Users may create, edit, save, copy and return a document to its original format.

Marketplace Notice Manager - Text Editor

Mailing Labels

Notices have been designed to be printed and stuffed into a #10 windowed envelope but the system will produce mailing labels if desired.


The system provides reports that may be adjusted by time frame, divisions and sorted by most column headers. The reports will document you created the Insurance Marketplace notices as well as display employee plan enrollment.

Marketplace Notice Manager - Reports


Currently the Marketplace Notice Manager produces the following notices:

  • Marketplace notification (English and Spanish)
  • Medicare Part D notification (English and Spanish)

Help Videos

To assist the user with how to operate the software, videos have been created to walk you through most of the procedures.

TPA Version Availability

The system allows Third Party Administrators to produce letters for their clients as well offering an easy way to distribute notifications and reports.