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COBRA Administration Manager COBRA Administration Manager / Standard 

The COBRA Administration Manager was created in 1991 as the solution to the increased responsibility that employers were experiencing administrating COBRA. Today 16 years later with over 13,000 customers, COBRA Administration Manager has become the industries #1 selling COBRA Administration Program. The program organizes the timely sequence of events and reports into one integrated system with an automated, cost effective, easy to use solution that will provide “peace of mind” knowing your organization is in compliance with Federal COBRA Law and protected from the ongoing increase in COBRA litigations.

  • Software creates all required notifications and documents all COBRA related events
  • Software is updated to maintain your compliance with Federal Law
  • COBRA Solutions will be your reference for all COBRA related questions
  • One small mistake could cost your firm $100,000 in penalties and lawsuit

Remember COBRA is not an option…. it is the law. If you have 20 or more employees, it is a Federal Law that you Administrate COBRA……….

                            Is your business compliant?

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COBRA Administration Manager COBRA Administration Manager / TPA Version

Our Multi-Company version of COBRA Administration is designed for TPA’s or organizations with more than one company that would like to separate data among divisions or locations. The software will support up to 5 concurrent users entering and retrieving data at the same time.

If you need to administer COBRA for multiple companies, you need the Multi-Company version. While you are handling events for one company, the system is reviewing the requirements for all the company’s being administered. The Things-To-Do-List will notify the user of events needing attention with all companies being administered on one screen. This is a must for Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

The Multi- Company version incorporates all the features of our single company version plus:

  • You can administer up to 9,999 groups
  • Letters can be altered to place TPA information in appropriate locations
  • Produce multiple reports on one .pdf file for emailing
  • Create monthly invoice for groups whereby TPA’s can charge per letter produced
  • Letters from one group can be easily copied to one or more groups
  • Designate groups “inactive” saving information but not showing on Things-to-do-list

Marketplace Notice Manager Marketplace Notice Manager

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 ("PPACA"). Section 1512 of PPACA created a new notice requirement under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") that requires employers to send written notice to their employees detailing the existence and objectives of “Health Insurance Marketplaces.” On May 8, 2013, the Department of Labor issued Technical Release 2013-02 to provide employers with temporary guidance and mandated employers to send notification to employees by October 1, 2013 as well as to newly-hired employees within 14 days from their employment start date.

COBRA Solutions, Inc., creator of the industry-leading COBRA Administration software, designed the Marketplace Notice Manager in a standard and TPA version to meet this new federal government law. The software provides employers the ability to produce these mandated notices quickly and easily. Not only will the software create the documents, it stores a digital copy (PDF) in a virtual file cabinet so users may prove their compliance if audited in the future.

It is not anticipated that this will be the last notification employers will be required to send employees. The system has been developed to update the database with new documents as they become required. COBRA Solutions understands the information required with many government forms and has designed a database to accommodate employer, employee and insurance company information.

To summarize, the Marketplace Notice Manager will produce the required documents by October 1, 2013 – maintaining your compliance with the law. It will save a copy of the document as proof and can be updated to produce additional required documents. Remember, it’s the law. Failure to comply will result in penalties and audits. And with a money back guaranty, there is no reason not to buy today!


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Cafeteria Plan Manager Cafeteria Plan Manager

Start maximizing your employee benefits package and saving money. Now is the time to act on a plan that allows an employer to offer benefits normally not affordable to small business…COBRA Solutions Cafeteria Plan Manager will provide a tremendous benefit to both your employees and your business.

  • A flexible spending plan is a “Win-Win” benefit for both the company and its employees
  • Employee focused companies looking to improve benefits and employee take-home pay
  • Financial institutions recommend that every company take advantage of a pre-tax benefit plan
  • Drastically reduce company tax bill and reduce employee medical/dependent care costs 

The best part about the Cafeteria Plan is that most of your employees are already paying for these expenses out of their own pockets with after-tax dollars. Cafeteria Plan Manager offers employees a remarkable way to save money they're already spending. The benefit for business owners is that our Cafeteria Plan Manager costs very little to set up and maintain. For most employers, the cost of implementing the plan is recovered through tax savings during the first year--you might even begin saving money as early as the month following the installation. So….What are you waiting for? 

Employee Database Manager Employee Database Manager

Our customers needed a set of solutions to help them proactively manage their crucial personnel tasks with ease. With over 20 years of experience in employee benefit software COBRA Solutions is pleased to offer our Employee Database Manager to our customers to utilize leading edge tools to maintain peak performance and availability of employee information.

  • Centralize all vital employee information into one organized easy to use system
  • Tracks all notifications, forms and emails for easy retrieval
  • Manage information based on your company’s unique structure and needs
  • Imbedded task list reminds user when a procedure needs attention

Increase productivity, spend less time worrying about what you might have overlooked and gain employee confidence by centralizing all of your confidential information. The system will remind you of crucial tasks, organize employee information and create over 30 reports detailing employee status. With COBRA Solutions Employee Database Manager you do not need to be an HR expert to organize a structured, corporate designed Human Resource Information System.

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