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Start maximizing your employee benefits package and saving money. Now is the time to act on a plan that allows an employer to offer benefits normally not affordable to small business…COBRA Solutions Cafeteria Plan Manager will provide a tremendous benefit to both your employees and your business.

  • A flexible spending plan is a “Win-Win” benefit for both the company and its employees
  • Employee focused companies looking to improve benefits and employee take-home pay
  • Financial institutions recommend that every company take advantage of a pre-tax benefit plan
  • Drastically reduce company tax bill and reduce employee medical/dependent care costs 

The best part about the Cafeteria Plan is that most of your employees are already paying for these expenses out of their own pockets with after-tax dollars. Cafeteria Plan Manager offers employees a remarkable way to save money they're already spending. The benefit for business owners is that our Cafeteria Plan Manager costs very little to set up and maintain. For most employers, the cost of implementing the plan is recovered through tax savings during the first year--you might even begin saving money as early as the month following the installation. So….What are you waiting for?